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"Insightful, thoughtful, and fascinating"

- Alex Stewart, Tifo Football  

"Dunn's meticulous research and careful choice of words leaves the reader entertained and informed in equal measure"

- Matt Davies-Adams, commentator and broadcaster

  • One of the Guardian’s best sports books of 2016

"Crisp and humane writing. I wish I had the psychic or persuasive powers to push The Roar of the Lionesses up on to the bestseller lists. A book that is rooted in the joy and pain of sport. Not only do 'the girls' know how to play football as well or better than 'the boys'; the best of 'em write about it just as well as the boys do too"

- By The Book Reviews

"Rivetingly insightful and beautifully researched"

- Julie Welch, football writer

"A fantastic and unique insight into the world of women's football in England"

- Jacqui Oatley, sports presenter and journalist

"Perfectly encompasses the world of professional wrestling in Britain; past and present"

- John Ashdown, The Guardian

"Dunn uses her journalistic background to dig deeper into some of the issues plaguing the British scene and asks the kind of difficult questions most are afraid to touch. Sometimes sacred cows need slaying, and Dunn wields her knife with skill"

The Void

"At times hilarious, and at other times completely heartbreaking, but always captivating, TW gives Spandex, Screw Jobs and Cheap Pops a huge thumbs-up"

- Total Wrestling Magazine